Masterbuilt 30 inch Front Controller Electric Smoker Review

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Masterbuilt 30 inch Front Controller Electric Smoker

This was by far one of our favorite ones to review. The Masterbuilt 30 in Electric Smoker (20077515) which is one we’ve had a lot of experience using ourselves. It has a fair amount of space for most households as well as enough features at a reasonable price. We love that there was extra attention to details here with how the wood chips were loaded and the grease pans which is sadly lacking in a lot of other models. Like seriously a lot of other models really just seemed to slap all those things on. We’ve heard from others about some quality control issues which is disappointing (although not something we’ve experienced), so if you do get the model be sure to put it through its paces before any warranties expire. We do love the digital controls however and the remote which makes it great to smoke and entertain and take care of other things as well.


  • 730 sq inches of cooking space
  • 4 chrome-coated racks and
  • 800 watt heating element
  • RF Remote Control
  • Side wood chip loading system
  • Integrated Thermostat
  • Weight 53.4 lbs
  • Dimensions:  20.3 x 19.7 x 32.1 inches


  • The side loading chip system seems strange but rather useful
  • Love the remote control
  • Good cooking size and larger options available if needed


  • Higher wattage would have been nicer
  • Greater temperature range would have benefited too
  • Some complaints of quality control issues


Overall one of the better consumer units we’ve used. It had all you really need in a unit with a few extra bells and whistles that actually help. If you want something fancier to show off you can go with the Masterbuilt Bluetooth enabled Smoker which I think is a bit unnecessary or if you need space you may want to consider the Masterbuilt 40 in Electric Smoker.

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